Welcome to Spacklehoss. Your guess is as good as mine.


These are tunes that Spacklehoss has recorded. For the most part, each piece was written and recorded in one session. The takes you hear are almost always first takes. We eventually would like to clean these up or re-record the parts if we could just find the time. So, in other words, these are just rough little demos, little musical ideas.

They were recorded using Logic Express on an iMac and or a MacBook. A MOTU 828mkII was used with the iMac and just the line-in on the MacBook. Other stuff used: a Line6 POD 2.0, a Digitech RP50 for the guitars and a BP80 for the bass.

The guitars are mostly Squier '51s. Occasionally we have used a Ibenez 6-string solid and semi-hollow body electric. The bass used is a Squire.

Our Bass sound and tone is awful. We are working on getting better bass sound.

All music Copyright Protected © spacklehoss.com 2006. All rights reserved.

September Ninth

Righty Tighty


The Second of October

Carolina by way of Corona

Spiration (please make it stop)

Distance - Far Away